The Italian Box: the Additional Control Unit for Diesel Engines

Increase the performance and reduce the consumption of your engine thanks to the most innovative electronic tuning unit on the market.

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The Advantages of the TIB Control Unit

The top-of-the-range additional control unit of electronic engine tuning that guarantees you very high performance and an extremely comfortable drive. Discover all the benefits

  • UP TO +50% POWER
  • UP TO +50% TORQUE
  • PROMO 297€
Check the control unit from your Smartphone

Thanks to the free dedicated app you can turn the add-on module on and off with a simple click.

Optimize the functionality of The Italian Box

Choose the map: 4 specific maps and 1 custom map

Maximum customization: customize the engine parameters

Set the settings: fuel, temperature, humidity and heating time

Check the turbo and fuel pressure

As you pay yourself tib

An investment that will save you up to 20% on fuel

The fuel you save makes you money! Calculate how long it takes to pay back the TIB control unit

The Additional Control Unit Configurable for over 2832 Car Models
The True Italian Passion: 100% Made in Italy

The Italian Box is a product entirely designed and manufactured in Italy. A team of engineers and technicians, who in over 10 years of studies and research, have created the most modern and innovative add-on module of the market.

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