Greater power and torque

With The Italian Box APP the vehicle’s power and torque increase by up to 50%. Our additional control unit also improves combustion efficiency, as the injected fuel burns totally and produces greater average effective pressure on the piston.

Greater top speed

The increase in power also elevates the car’s top speed, even by up to 20 km / h. In fact the maximum speed increases with the power cube. A 40 hp car goes up to125 km / h, for example, but with doubled power of 80 hp it will go up to 157 km / h and not 250 km / h.

Greater acceleration and recovery

With the TIB APP additional module you can enjoy more powerful accelerations. The substantial increase in torque allows you to always have a high performance engine, regardless of which gear is engaged: with Motor TIB the response to fourth gear is better than the response to third gear in the original configuration.

Greater character

Thanks to the APP’s choice of 4 driving maps, your engine will always be ideally set to face any conditions. The ECO setting guarantees you a comfortable and relaxing drive, regardless of your location. Try Race or Race + for a pleasant drive along mountain roads.

Greater customization

You can manually calibrate the map by entering your car’s real operating conditions on the TIB APP’s interface. Our additional control unit allows expert and non-expert drivers to take advantage of a completely customized tool that is tailored to their needs.

More enjoyable driving

Motor TIB is synonymous with enjoyment and relaxation while driving – without compromising and in any conditions. You determine your car’s character simply by using a smartphone App that is connected to our top-of-the-range additional control unit for engine tuning.

  • UP TO + 50% PAIR
  • UP TO + 50% POWER

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